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                                                                  “Lifetritionist” Rhonda Keagy, FNTP



The basis for nutritional understanding and education with me comes down to my 25 years of studying nutrition and my deep-dive certification as a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner.*  As such, I believe in a three-step program for bringing the body into balanced optimal health by using the following guidelines:


Healing the Gut First

Rebuilding & Restoring Health

Developing a Solid Lifetime Recovery Plan


*FNTP designation means that I base my programs on the following Foundations of Health:

Digestion, Hydration, Blood Sugar Regulation, Fatty Acid Balance, Mineral Balance and REAL Nutrition



You Are a Unique Bio Individual! Not a One-Size-Fits-All Individual


“Each person is a unique individual with specific nutritional requirement.

Recognizing that everyone will be different in their need for how they nourish their bodies, their emotions, their specific lifestyles and how they handle the external environment around them.”



By assessing your specific walk of life and meeting you where you are now, my programs work to provide you with the following:


Healing the Gut First

An assessment of your current gut situation is made, and a custom program is set up to help you reverse the effects of poor nutrition and create healing in your gut naturally.  If the gut terrain can be corrected, healing is obtained, and the gut will go back to being impermeable to the toxins that created the damage in the first place.  This includes the education and ability to understand the digestive system function and specifically to know why certain foods are going through undigested, unabsorbable and unused by your body. If you suffer from allergies or autoimmune conditions of any kind, you will want to understand the condition of your digestive system in direct relation to them in order to get relief.


Rebuild & Restore

This step will work simultaneously with Step 1 above as you work toward an understanding of the correct foods and nutrients that are needed to run your body optimally.  You will get on track with an education on what foods are best for your consumption. If meal plans and recipes are needed, they are also possible depending on your circumstances.  During this step there will be emphasis on overall lifestyle balance that will work with the corrected nutrients to rebuild and restore your body to optimal health.


Recovery Plan

As with any new program in life, your success will depend on having a solid plan of action moving forward that works for you in your current walk of life and brings about the positive result over time that you are seeking.  Getting to the bottom of what motivates you toward better health is the key, but so is having a “plan B” in place if you backtrack from your plan.  This often overlooked step of the program will help you to create that plan for success, teach you how to handle the everyday stress that may make it difficult to follow and provide you with much needed education on supplementation that may be needed to help support your continued success.



What my programs DO NOT provide*:

-Fast weight loss

-Utilization of expensive magic supplements to bring about better health

-Starvation dieting for quick results

-Crazy, unrealistic exercise routines

-Forced, uncomfortable stress reduction methods


*If these are the goals you are hoping to obtain, we will not be a good fit.

What my programs DO provide is….


A unique-to-you program for your current health condition meeting you in your own walk of life.

Aiding you in developing a system of very doable processes that will support you for a

lifetime and not just for the moment.


I will work to empower you with the education and information you need to make

life decisions on your own self-care and nutritional needs.


I walk with you on your “Awake Living Journey” to optimal health. So, let’s get started….

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